The real estate advisor department remains a key pillar of our group, making Real Estate Advisory & Brokerage the most complete and comprehensive service, aimed at investors and property owners. Our qualify Team works closely between investors through the Property Finder service and owners through personal trusted relationship. The goal is to search the market for the asset that corresponds to the needs of each of our customers in order to provide the best viable investment.

This wide-ranging consultancy work has as its objective both the support of the investor in moving in the Italian, European and international real estate market, and the finalization of a purchase, always assuring a customized service for each client.

Through the real estate department we are always looking for the most intriguing real estate investment opportunities in Italy and internationally. Our real estate managers are specialized in the sectors of: heritage & luxury homes, hospitality, wellness & spa and wineries assets.

If you think your property is in target for our clientele please do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized approach.


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With VSENSI Hospitality Group you can raise money up to 80 million euros and thus balance the necessary capital for your entrepreneurial real estate project.
Raise funds and manage all the bureaucratic processes related to the collection of financial resources safely and quickly.

Investment Participation

Co-Invest in Your Project even before is created supporting its development. Investing in a cutting-edge profitable project with guaranteed returns. Buy shares or quota of the project and become a full-fledged shareholder of the company that is carrying out an entrepreneurial or investment project.


VSENSI Hospitality Group offers the possibility for buyers and sellers to draw up Due Diligence documents, real estate valuations and financial analyses upon request.

Our clients often turn to VSENSI Hospitality Group to carry out real estate valuations and financial analyses regarding their property or their company, often for the following needs:

What is a Due Diligence

The Due Diligence document is a report that has the objective of verifying the compliance of a property with respect to current legislation by identifying its characteristics. This tool also aims to bring out the advantages of a structure and analyse its profitability and market positioning.
Due Diligence is an indispensable tool when negotiating a commercial property. The existence of this important document in English, regardless of a negotiation, has shown that it can speed up the finalization of a sale

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VSENSI Home Design Team is a design studio that stands as a point of reference for everything related to real estate development, renovation and interior design projects.

Through the Home Design department, VSENSI Hospitality Group offers its clients the possibility of professional advice for the development of their real estate projects at different scales.

Our specialization in real estate has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the needs and desires of the investors with whom we work.

Over the years we have specialized in the realization of architectural projects with the aim of a future sale. The professionals of our studio are experts in the (re)valuation of real estate and land and have the skills to produce innovative and attractive projects with attractive realistic rendered images .

For customers who intend to buy a new property and carry out interior projects, a team of multilingual professionals will accompany you throughout the administrative and architectural process to deliver your turnkey home and carry out the desired project.

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