“Inspire Good Living Through Holistic Eating.”

Food & Lifestyle is intrinsically linked to our lives.
How we eat determines how we live. When people think about food, they
make a fundamental change in their mindset and health.
Imagine a world where people engage in the full faculty of their senses for
each and every meal.
That’s the VSENSI dream.

We Start From Scratch​

From market assessments to design, development and marketing, both digitally and offline, we help you create an entirely unique dining experience that will have your customers coming back for more.
Whether you are considering a food business venture or looking to
improve your current establishment, VSENSI has the industry
experience, knowledge and skills to turn your vision into reality.

Get The “Turnkey” Advantage

Scalable business models for affordable turnkey solutions Includes

concepts such as Fast Casual, Casual Chic, Wellness Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants & Bar

Our Conceptual framework includes all necessary elements to move quickly and efficiently on any market with adaptablity, affordablity and effciency.


Feasibility Study & Market Research

      • Site Visit and Survey
      • Establish Local Market and neighbourhood overview
      • Review Local Market Restaurant & Bar sector
      • Competitive analysis for Free-standing restaurants/bars and hotels
      • Highlight Key players in restaurants and bars
      • Provide Market penetration strategy by concept, price point
      • Study Location logistic and supply chain
      • Summary report on critical strategy with Concept recommendation


      • Projected Source of cash
      • Capital budget with pre-opening
      • P&L year 1
      • Financial Projection 5 full years with return


Concept Strategy

      • The Story and Vision
      • Concept Definition
      • Definitions Service/Guest Experience
      • Definition of positioning and pricing strategy
      • Targeted clientele – Market segmentation
      • Definition Brand Values-Principles and DNA


Design & Functionality

      • Definition of Floor Plan Diagram
      • Definition of the Flow between kitchen, service and client
      • Floor Plan (PDF and Auto Cad)
      • Floor Plan with table mix and seating height
      • Table size and height guidelines
      • Design 3D Images
      • Design Material Mood Board
      • Mood Specification per category (paint, brass, stone, wood, glass textile)
      • Floor mood board and specification
      • Wall material mood board and specification
      • Counter finish mood board and specification
      • Lighting mood and specification
      • Definition functional direction (service station, POS)
      • Service station specification and drawings
      • Definition music Equipment list
      • Definition Music/mood playlist with supplier references

Kitchen & Bar

      • Definition of Kitchen Equipment with references and manufacturers
      • Kitchen drawing layout and elevation of materials (PDF and Auto Cad)
      • Show kitchen Design counter finish
      • Definition Bar counter and Wine cellar equipment list and pictures
      • Bar Drawing layout and material elevation (PDF and Auto Cad)
      • Bar Design counter
      • Wine cellar specification


Food & Beverage Concept Strategy

      • Definition of Culinary Concept Strategy
      • Definition Food Concept signature dishes and pictures
      • Food Menu samples
      • Signature dishes recipes
      • Definition of Beverage Concept Strategy
      • Define Beverage Signature and drinks pictures
      • Signature drinks and Classic Cocktail recipes



Development Digital And Pr Startegies

      • Definition of Tabletop Mood
      • List of tabletop item with pre-list and manufacturers
      • Definition of uniform with supply reference


      • Manning Guide
      • Definition Sequence of services through flowchart
      • Training Basic service manual
      • Training Basic culinary manual
      • SOP’s Standard of Operation


      • Name of the restaurant
      • Logo of the restaurant with tagline
      • Graphic for coaster and business card
      • Graphic for food and beverage menu


      • Name of the restaurant
      • Logo of the restaurant with tagline
      • Graphic for coaster and business card
      • Graphic for food and beverage menu


      • Website page framework
      • Facebook & IG Framework

Training & Pre-Opening

      • Service Training Plan

Project Management Support

      • Owner Representation and Business Management
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